Saturday, April 28, 2007

Double Standard 1. a rule or principle applied more strictly to some people than to others (or to oneself).

Being a part of this superficial – self absorbed – community I have to say that in my opinion we are definitely living a life of double standards. Leave aside the fact that guys here lock up their sisters yet go party with other peoples’ daughters of the same 'class' and probably fuck them too.

Leave aside the fact that the guys here drink/smoke/fuck/ other nationalities but when they see another of their own nationality doing the same it’s so ‘taboo’?

I know that in our religion these things are banned from both sides – women and men, and I’m not going against my religion I’m just stating the present and obvious. Do they think that we will just side aside watch the men grow with their careersand lives while- women and referring to women I mean national women - will be just slaves at home and at work? Come on. .

Men here don’t want us because they think that we’re too demanding, they think that if we were true to one of them that we must have been around. What if I’m not with you for your money? What if I’m not with you for who your father is – trust me it won’t benefit me at all, it will just be a bigger burden to me if I married you for your father ‘bcoz’ I’m marrying YOU.

OUR men also think that they will live in infinite debt if they were to marry women of their nationality, the weddings and prices they have to pay after marriage is so much that makes them back off and end up marrying foreigners – or ditz khaleeji’s that are also superficial.

Oh and another thing, maybe they’ll get married just to please their parents, and turn out to be gay motherfuckers who have parties and boyfriends on the side. The poor girl is probably given all the money in the world just to be shut up. Marriage today has become an official business deal, or let’s say a bartered deal when both sides benefit.

I wouldn’t want to say that I’m the perfect person, I do have flaws too, and I love criticism because it helps grow to the better and maybe notice things that I am not aware of…

It just kills me to see good guys/girls with great potential just throwing their lives away whether it was through career, deciding to sit at home and do nothing with their lives worrying about what people would say about her is she got out in the workforce, or it was a guy who was disturbed about marrying the girl he loves because she’s been his girlfriend for the past 5 years/ ends up marrying a girl he barely knows…

Hello people …?

Seriously , what has become of this society is just plain – -------- SAD



Blogger xxx Candy xxx said...

Great post poison! I luved every bit of it...and YES! Marriages are FUCKED up nowadays but hey it has always been FUCKED up centuries ago...This is why I don't believe in the M word "MARRIAGE" I always see all those married guys flirting around and other engaged guys droooling over other girls...HIS WIFE can't flash her cleavage coz its "3AIB/taboo" but when he sees a girl with cleavage he can't get his eyes off her even if she was ugly! HIS WIFE CAN'T STAY OUT TILL 1 BUT HE CAN COZ HE'S DA MAN! IT IS A SICK SOCIETY AND I CAN'T WAIT TO LEAVE!!!

3:33 AM  
Blogger *DeLiCious PoisoN* said...

waal walll ... mub anger!! :P bes i guess i can't be so sure of being in the M side of the world, once i'm in it then i'll be able to talk about it! :P

11:37 AM  
Blogger hayhatta said...

The reality is, life isnt a scale of eveness, nor should on treat it that way.

If the guys are fucking around the girls shouldnt join that band wagon thinking "i am getting back at them". Or vis verusa for the guys.

At the end of the day drinking/smoking/fucking is miles on the clock and no one wants a worn out engine. Simple analogy but true.

One should remain good for Allah, the Prophet and Himself. If one does it for mum dad, country all that shit, mums and dads die, and you fly out of the country, so does that mean if those things arent there you have to be different.

3:24 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

well i got nothing to say here really..

its just good to vent out everyonce in a while.. just dont let dark blind you all the way, like i said, every hill has a sunny side!


6:13 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

what are you doing to your self !!!!

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