Friday, May 04, 2007

Do they know?

Do people really know that I keep you close to me just to know what your next actions are?

Ha ha ha!!!! .. .

I have to admit, I do deserve a fucking academy award for pretending to be the person that I am to you, you guys must think I’m the most naive person on earth when I’m not I just pretend to be..

I like knowing what you do, where you’re going and what your planning to do so I can work around it, and most probably benefit myself!

I hate smiling, I really hate laughing at your jokes, and I hate having to force myself to agree with you with many things, but it is just my tactic to survive.

I NEED to know what your future plans are… I know I sound selfish, but how am I supposed to survive?

Come on .. I believe that keeping my friends close is fine, I don’t need to worry about them they’re kinda dumb u know… as for you – it’s a whole different story, your so damn sly that I need to be there for you all the time so I can make sure I’m not on your bad side even though we’ve been through rough times, it would be great to know what’s going on that small little head of yours!

I can’t stop laughing … I’m sorry I know I’m evil – selfish and down straight cruel.. but I had to come out one day and say it…I’m actually starting to like you.. and maybe even want to not hate you …actually its not hate anymore… its just more a sense of securing my surroundings!

Sigh! Just a small note to all my fellow bloggers…

Keep your friends close, yet your enemies closer….



Blogger xxx Candy xxx said...

Soo true I always keep my enemies close coz i enjoy laughin at their mistakes n their stupidity a7eb atshamat feehum I guess! :p

1:45 AM  
Blogger hayhatta said...

that sounds so fucken lionel luther from smallville, you are scaring me...

3:15 AM  
Blogger *DeLiCious PoisoN* said...

HAHAHAHA ... Come on - we all have our dirty little secrets... and this is one of mine.. i dont sound like luther from SMALLVILLE! LOL LMAO

5:36 AM  
Blogger Leo. said...

i think ur hot when u take off that angelic mask and show your sick little mind to the world to see. you try to act evil, and you're almost there kiddo! but then, you just had to ruin it with the little note you tagged in the end.. just like one post i loved except for the little comments that came as a side dish!

ur adorable boyzone, u really are! ;)

6:18 AM  

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