Wednesday, June 13, 2007

I have been very dramatic the past couple of posts, I have to admit, there’s more to life than worrying about what people are gonna say about me, or how they feel cuz seriously I just saw the bright light at the end of the tunnel! (ewanneh)

Anyhow – I have to admit, I have weird facts and strange experiences and I think its about time I share some:

1. My boss thinks she can have a threesome with me and her husband, and both are very okay and open with it.

2. I have a lesbian friend and I know she’s a lesbian and I’m enjoying teasing her… hey who knows maybe my inner self will come out of the closet someday!

3. I read magazines from back to front

4. I drive with my knees

5. I like eating hot sauce with cheesecake

6. I order a cream blended frappuccino just to eat the caramel on top and leave it

7. I love bats, snakes (one of my pets) and insects

8. When I’m stuck in traffic – Dubai traffic (3hrs and more) – I stare in to peoples cars and carry out mental conversations, and imagine what kind of life they are living and what weird sex habits they have … etc.

9. I’ve managed to be celibate for a while which is a huge accomplishment! I’ve passed the 40 days 40 nights limit (Applause!)

10. I have to put my left arm on my head so I can go to sleep

11. I’m jealous of my 7year old sister, actually u know what, I’m jealous of everyone.

12. I secretly put my sister in trouble to look like I’m the best of the best!

13. I sometimes fake orgasms just for the fun of it

14. I randomly stick my tongue out to ppl at traffic lights … (when bored only)

15. I only smoke from the side of my mouth

16. If I like a guy I become the biggest bimbo in front of him, it’s uncontrollable!

Well these are some of them and if more come up I’ll make sure I keep you guys posted!