Tuesday, July 01, 2008

Thought you changed?

It was the best thing you ever did to me, and the only time that you quit - and it was for the better...

I haven't heard this tone in your voice since i was a kid, i see the darker of you, the demon that emerged back again, it sent shivers down my spine... when i got a flash and taste of what the rest were going through ..

I was in denial to heard your back at it again, I chose to put the past behind me, so did everyone else.. It saddens me to see what your doing to yourself, it makes me feel so big, and you seem so small to me now, that i can't look up to you anymore..

You've broken what you rebuilt over the years with one word.. that hurt me.
It's time for you to quit being selfish, not materialistically, but for your own self. For you to wake and see what a burden your going to be on us, and what your welcoming back to our lives...

It is my belief that to each person is a designated hidden demon within, but yours... its just waltzing back, and your dancing along with him... oblivious...

Deep down, i feel guilty for leaving my siblings in your hands, time is running so fast and it will be my time to leave town, I am worried... anxious and scared of what will be waiting for me when I come back.. 

Father - please don't disappoint me ..