Tuesday, December 26, 2006

New Years Resolutions ....
As this year comes to an end, i have begun to realize that i did achieve a lot throughout the year, although i didn't expect i would!
And ofcourse my resolutions of the previous year were not implemented AT ALL! Things i claimed i would do better this year -
1. Be a KINDER person to my family Ex. stop beating up my small sister, picking fights for ultimately no reason at all! stealing cash from my sister claiming she owed me money when she didn't! e7m e7m...
2. Quit Smoking - Ya RIGHT? I just love it... i can't caaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaan't.... yummy.
3. Stop being selfish - dammnit i just love myself too much, possibly the core reason as to why i'm single to this day?!!?!? 0_0
4. Lose weight? -----------------------------------.............. no comment......... although i did have training classes with a personal trainer .. TWICE?
5. EXPERIMENT: i DEFINITELY DEFINITELY did? Nyahahahaha ..... i tried lying more, i tried travelling more, smoking up, tasting food i would never eat, speaking to ppl i would never speak to, and confronting my fears....
6. Be Humanitarian & Give More : Well i did give -- and Gave a lot!! But it seems that it's just a one sided thing, actually the only resolution i must have achieved is this one.
So ? Overall - i sucked this year, i possibly became a worse person than ever before, a bit more selfish, simply arrogant, lazy & blobby, very obnoxious b&tcH
'with a heart for the vulnerable & needy' :)
i'll tell you whats my next years resolution:
* I wish you all a Eid Mubarak & a HAPPY HAPPY NEW YEAR! *

Sunday, December 10, 2006

Its been a while i know ... But so much has happened, and to my fellow bloggers, i come to you with a bit of warning points that you can implement in your daily lives, or you can use them as an eye opener for those who are oblivious to their surroundings at times......

Do's and Don'ts!!!


1. Tell your friend she's a backstabber, if she was caught lying, or even if you sense a hint of lies on her

2. Let the guy you have a crush on know how you feel - indirectly - otherwise, the dork will NEVER sense it! (but dont be too defsha about it too!)

3. Let out your anger by sticking your finger out of the car every once in while, especially to ppl who have nothing to do with it. ( beware of traffic jams , cuz you can't get away from them that easily!! 4 dubai ppl only! )

4. Make out with the wrong guy - and imagine its someone totally different!! (feels good trust me)

5. Eat junk - whenever and wherever you feel like it! (trust me, you will not end up looking like paris - even if u didnt eat it!) Johhny Rockets - Recommended.

6. Make as many many many many many many friends as you can - then you can just filter out who feel like hanging out with - depending on your mood ofcourse 7abebty... ;)


1. Deprive yourself from cravings - whether it was partying - alcohol, sex, drugs ... people from the same sex... umm you know whatever ' WRONG' in this society.

2. Dont let anyone know about your cravings - do them silently yet make the most out of it.

3. Mix - alcohol with an ugly person... (no offense)

4. Confuse a girl for a guy - and end up making out with the same person twice while playing pass the ice!

5. Tell a guy you love him... - and his friend too!

6. Let anyone control you! if you feel something or wanna do something do it , without consulting more than two people - otherwise you're obsessive compulsive.

Well this is enough for now ........... Missed u guys!