Friday, October 27, 2006

Amazingly... this vacation flew by like the speed of light.

Man - it was AMAZING.

Being on an island like this ... was a dream come true... removing some side stuff... i had the time of my life - hope you guys had a good eid break i know i did ... ;)

Lessons learnt:
1. Learn to balance partying too much with enjoyment.
2. Help ease the suffering of others... (it was a 3rd world country)
3. Sleep as much as you can...
4. Laze around as much as u can
5. Get to La la land as much as u can...
6. No mobile phones allowed.

Activities done:
1. Elephant Trecking
2. Fought insects
3. Kayaking
4. Jet skiing
5. Eating peculiar looking food
6. Interacting with Transexuals (cat fight)
7. Attacked by monkeys & cats
8. Sat on a budhaa

Kup Kam Kaa
(Thank You)

Friday, October 13, 2006

Hello hello hello! It is officially "Freaky Friday 13.10.2006"

Long time no see. Well i guess this month has been taking up most of our time either by sleeping - eating - chillin' on those ramadhan tents .etc. Making you feel like you wanna be a better person, remembering those innocent days ... when we didn't even fast, and would just play around in the freej - thinking of all the bad & good things you have done in your life, whether it was by giving out a simple white lie to keep a smile on someone's face, or by simply trying to cover your ass.... and how you can make the wrong - ummm.. better .....

I was confronted a few days ago about what was the worst thing i've done and regret the most , it was in a casual conversation formatt, but it was asked by a person i have lied to so many times, cheated on many times.. - thinking to myself... well all the wrong things i could've done i've done to you .. but you poor thing have no idea. -

I just smiled and said " i can't remember actually -- but what was the thing you regret doing the most? " *smirk* Although i dont regret anything i've done - because s/he did more harm - and what reffereing to the phrase i love the most " What you dont know won't hurt you ..."

So tell me my fellow mates ..... What was the worst thing you've done? or regret the most?


Wednesday, October 04, 2006

ME -

Today all i'm gonna talk about is myself.

Seriously? People always keep wondering about how others percieve them, do you ever wonder how you really feel about yourself?

Whether YOU are happy or not?
Whether YOU are satisfied with your life?
Whether YOU enjoyed your time on a date?
Whether YOU really belong with your friends?
Whether YOU truly need to be in this job?
Whether YOU love him?

Well its about time i thought about myself - rather than pleasing others. I have always felt like i should always comfort people around me, they should like the place we're going to eat in, they should enjoy the movie - when the movie is over, WHY? and for what?

YOU also need to do that, don't think of how your friends will feel when you get a new haircut, or your BF! YOU LIKE IT - YOU KEEP IT.

E isn't it?