Saturday, September 30, 2006

Hope you are all having a wonderfull worshipfull ramadhan. (As i can see from your previous posts, you guys seem to be enjoying it way too much than how i am! :P)

Although in Dubai - alcohol , partying is still going on - since the majority of our country is filled with expats!

So i just finished watching all the Godfather movies, yeah?

And i conclude that the only love i will ever have in my life will be the love that Micheal Corleone gave to his gorgeous daughter Mary & his previous italian wife in his first marriage. *sniff*

SOMEONE - Please tell me ...


A guy that will just be upfront, serious, a real MAN.

Still searching ...... ( too hungry to continue - will post soon.)

Tuesday, September 26, 2006

I'm not gonna talk about how stupid guys are, i'll switch to the opposite sex this time. WOMEN.
WOMEN of the GCC.
This is what you hear when you sit with a bunch of lochals:
1. " OMG - you lost so much weight!! " = bullshit , you look like hell, and a fat cow.
2. " Oo0ohh .... mashalla when are u getting married?" = does it look like i'm wearing a f^kin ring?????????????
3. " That's so amazing - the paris hilton bag - god its soo in. You dont have it? " = wtf? why WOULD i have it?
4. " My parents gave me a curfew. I have to be home by 10" = YEAH RIGHT its the 21st century baby!!!
5. " omg - You're going to a late movie? " = Say WHAT?
6. " I dont have a boyfriend. " = Sno0o0o0o0o0oz .............. No comment.
7. " Baby, this is my work phone. I only have one other number to talk to you from." = Ring Ring. Nyahahahah ...
8. " Baby i'm gonna go to my grandmothers house, i'll talk to you when i get home" = With other BF.
9. " Oh, i dont remember where i made this 3abaya, but thanks for the compliment" = LIE - You know where you bought the 3aba but u just dont wanna say it!
Listen - if your just gonna bullshit. Please spare me and just shut the hell up. That goes for you too .. GUYS.
I miss my dead fish- Poison.
I'll post his pic later.....

Sunday, September 24, 2006

Owkay –

Living in this country filled up with psychotic expats & indians taking over, we do feel like we’re becoming extinct! (UAE NATIONALS) that is. But it also feels like the normal men, are also becomming extinct!!!

But still – I decided to move on ya? I met ppl, but it turns out they’re more f*cked up than I am. One turned out to have some funky friendship with f@gs, another simply ditched me.

Is it me or what? What has happened to the sweet talk of you lovely guys? The amazing butterfly effect in your stomach before going on a first date? *dreaming too much again I guess* (I’m still JUST A GIRL).

I will be celebate again or possibly turn lez., cuz if your not givin’ some, their not gonna wait around!!

WAIT – Let me clarify my statement. This was the conversation I had with lochal I met recently:

Ass: halla walla … sh7alech?
Pzn: Fine. You?
Ass: Bkheir walla .. ana ilyoom 7ass inny bachoofech? – fee emarat mall.
Pzn: No. I don’t think so, I’m still in the office at the moment. (6PM)
Ass: isme3eee hal ‘3neya (song comes on, lochal remix of My Humps by Black Eyed Peas) waaayed 7elwa, MY haaa .. My haa … I’m gonna make u Drank !

Pzn: ------------------ no comment. (shock) Its not my HAAA .. its MY HUMPS (dumb ass)
Ass: owkay … ana banzel basseer a9ally il7eeneh.
Pzn: Bye (sigh)


What has become of you guys? SERIOUSLY?
I was in total shock. This is how low guys have become. Boring, empty, uneducated, unadventurous, untrustworthy… (and the list goes on)

I am calling for the extinct uae nationals who have no personalities, big egos, and empty heads, PLEASE - Spare us girls - who are JUST GIRLS - and leave us alone.

Eight Months - Closure

Here we go again, as I walk in to another plane, going to my regular destination – London. Let me rephrase that again for you – Here we go again, walking in to another plane, running away to another Arab infested city – London. Bumping into people you don’t want to see, hypocrites that drove a best friend to run away from the society I’m living in at the moment. People walking past you smiling saying hello, but it is all just a show to see who is there now, and who couldn’t make it this summer. Hypocrites are what they are. Just like – You.

I needed to get out, and as usual this was my only outlet; relating to the time of year, and the time off I will be able to get this year. I was beginning to feel like I was stuck in a fishbowl, work – sleep – eat, and manage your pathetic love life. Yes, I am still in love with the – hmm, what should we start calling him? Since I’ve never admitted up till now that I’m still in love with him, I am now, and it has been approximately eight months since reality slapped me in the face.

Yes, I will never have him, and yes, there was nothing about him that was so special for him to be loved in the way I loved him! So please tell me God? Why oh why am I still feeling this? Here I go again questioning myself losing my self-confidence to a prick that didn’t have a caring bone in his body. But why do I still remember your smile, the smell of your skin, you presence, as if it were yesterday? (Although it has been more than eight months) Everything I step on, look at, remind me of you. Every country I set foot in reminds me of you, everything.. Flashback – this time last year, partying in mar Bella, drinking, sleeping, tanning, surrounded by the most glamorous, prestigious guys on earth. I totally forgot about you, I was fascinated with the freedom I had. Not what I am seeking to do this time, I was heartbroken then.

I am not saying I am perfect – I played a big part in this too. I must admit I did lie, I did break your word in front of her, but I did not expect how much effect she had on you, and that proved to me where I stood in your life. I did this with my own hand, I pushed her in to your life, and I got myself what I deserved.

You couldn’t see me as the ideal partner for your future, but I couldn’t understand what you saw in her? I was a child when you met me, and of course I had to make mistakes, I had to test the waters somehow; either by planting doubt in you, or being stubborn. Refraining from that I still saw you as what and who I wanted to be with for the rest of my life, which I couldn’t imagine anyone else being part of.

The others are there, awaiting me, ready to be a part of my happy side, I will always stick to the saying a ‘friend in need is a friend indeed’. I know its pretty lame for me to believe in this, but it is true, in my time of need, you weren’t there, you said you were my friend, but you never were there. You sucked the pleasure and life out of me, turned me in to a bitter, untrusting person in these eight months. I may never get over you, but I must thank you for making me the person I am today.

Once I am back from this trip I will be sure to let you know where you stand, I don’t have to say it or show it, only time will be friend now, and god is there to watch, and bring me happiness in my life. Oh, and I do wish you a happy life as well.

Right now – 5:30 PM– going to London Heathrow; sitting in my seat on board the plane, but I am not escaping you this time, I know I will see you happy, with someone who loves you but not for who you are, but for what you have and what you can do for her. I will bump in to you that is for sure, I will smile at you, I will hug you, and I will always love you.

I sit here crying in my seat quietly. Trying not to gasp loudly and attract the attention of others. Don’t think you’ve won the game already. I do envy all the people around me for their quiet and seemingly peaceful sleep. I wonder if they too have lost someone they gave so much to, I wonder if they are going through what I am going through.

I bet your happy with someone else, I bet you must be thinking of what your going to be doing next. I have met people who would make me happier than you did, treat me better than you did, love me better than you did, but never satisfy me as you did. Still don’t think you’ve won the game again.

You – creep up to me when I’m alone, like the cold air in a warm room in winter time. This is the last time I acknowledge that You exist. You will see me, You will think I’m fine, You will probably think I’m happy as well. I am happy, but still again, it is the eighth month, and it will be that last time I mention You again. Goodbye You, and I’ll see You in another lifetime, complete and happy.

Saturday, September 23, 2006

You - You keep on breakin' up and try to walk away ....

Well, let me tell you my story and warn you about the stereotypical guys around here. Yes - i have been hurt so bad by probably - i can't call him the guy of my dreams - otherwise he would still be with me.

To all the men from the GCC - girls aren't stupid anymore. I thought i loved you, but turns out ur just a selfish a$$. As HRH mentioned, you guys see us as objects, trust me so do we!

You said you loved me,
You wanted to marry me,
I was faithfull,

and a few months later you tell me you found the one? WTF?

Poison is on an oath to celebacy and become - what you call it - a Serial Dater.
Seriously? Seriously?

Greys Anatomy

Well well well, i thought people who blogged were rather bored lifeless people, but comming in to this world, checking out the different blogs of wasted Chix, HRH..etc. i come to see it as rather amusing and self expressive!

I'm not as crazy - but i'd rather do everything - and do it discreetly. *wink*

My doors are open , and hopefully my posts give you a better insight on what a fucked up world we live in here too - not only the KSA - the DxB girls do suffer, and we very much live the same way as you girls do, but a bit more freedom.